Lawn maintenance, snow/ice control management


Fall-Leaf Removal Services

  • Proper leaf removal is essential to keeping a healthy lawn. Plastic bags remain in our landfills, which is a hazard to the environment
  • As shown in the picture, we blow the leaves into a pile.  We then vacuum them up and deliver them to a landfill.
  • The leaf compost is rich in organic matter, microbes, and nutrients.
  • PLant Dealer License
  • Home Improvement License
  • Tree-Shrub Pruning
  • Turf fertilization programs, licensed
  • Professional Fertilizer Applicator  
  • PFA 1319
  • Professional Fertilizer Business License
  • Business License:  MDA-F-0637


Winter-Snow removal & ice management control

  • Timely is equipped to do snow removal and ice control for commercial properties.
  • We have 2 JD Loaders, with 14 foot box plow.
  • We have skid steers to get in small places.
  • Our Kubota with front end loader, & 8ft. box  plow 
  • We have 2 curb snow blowers on sidewalks for quick and easy removal from falls.

  • We are on call 24/7; also weather reports
  • Home office has a person 24/7 to call in for any emergencies on your site.


Summer-Lawn Maintenance Services

  • Lawn maintenance weekly, monthly, or as needed basis.
  • Mulching plant beds, 3 inches in depth (black, red, or brown mulch.
  • Grading and drainage
  • Tree/shrub pruning
  • Annual flower rotation
  • Plant bed design
  • Stump removal/griding out of stumps

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Turf Care Program


Early Spring, April-mid May--Application of high nitrogen fertilizer with pre-emergent control of broad leaf weeds and crabgrass. 2. Mid May-early July--Balanced fertilization, pre-emergent crabgrass control, weed control and insect control. 3. Early July-early Sept. Slow release balanced fertilizer, grub control, spot weed control. 4. Fall application, early Sept.-Oct. Application of granular, time released, high nitrogen fertilizer includes control of broad leaf weeds, crabgrass and insects.

Leaf removal estimates



We have your covered, watch the Ravens Game and enjoy your day.

Timely Lawn Care will come and clean your leaves up with a vaccum and remove all the leaves from your property.

Call Timely Lawn Care for your Leaf Removal jobs:  410-420-2044



  • Great response time to unexpected events that arise.
  • They do great work and are incredibly easy to communicate with.
  • Timely Lawn Care is the best lawn care company my business has ever dealt with.
  • Timely Lawn Care has provided prompt, courteous, and dependable service.
  • I highly recommend their service.
  • I would highly recommend them to provide for all your landscaping or facility care needs.

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Plants with stones encompasses pool area


Sage, annual flowers, and boulders surround pool.

Butterfly Gardens


A large boulder, with cherry trees, bird feeders, and bird houses will surely bring nature to your door step.

Plant bed design on hill


A butterfly bush is your best bet to attack butterflies and bees for pollination and can be accented with an outdoor piece such a a frog.

Shrub pruning


We trim small trees, large hedges, bushes, and any ornamental grasses during the growing season.

Draw attention to your self storage facility with a dinosaur and palm trees


Many people stop by with their children and take pictures, we call this our photo shoot area. Good for business and good for the kids!!!!

Dog Parks at Apartments


We are able to build you a dog park at your apartment community should your property allow pets.  Cupcake is enjoying a day out at the park!!!!!

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Additional Information

  • Ground Maintenance
  • Mulching Spring/Fall Clean-ups
  • Tree/Shrub pruning
  • Leaf removal
  • Fertilization programs
  • Certified Pesticide Appicator
  • hard scapes
  • Flower installations/rotations
  • Snow and ice control service, snow plowing
  • Fine grading
  • Irrigation start up and shut down
  • Fence rebuilding
  • Over seed and drainage solutions